5 Things People Need to Stop Judging People On

1. Their taste in music.

I can personally scroll through my iTunes and find as many songs from The Temptations as I can Taylor Swift. The Walkmen are followed by 90s Weezer, 80s Whitesnake, Will Smith and his kids (remember, don’t judge!), and The Wreckers. It starts with A. R. Rahman and ends with 38 Special. If I were to try and judge myself on my taste of music, I would be half a ghettofabulous shallow hipster from the 40s-80s, and half elderly man with a thing for trashy top 40, EDM, anything Motown, and obscure television soundtracks. Judging people on their taste in music is like genuinely basing your treatment of a person on whether they prefer orange or apple juice.

Speaking of, here’s a little playlist of my favourites right now, from opposite sides of the spectrum:

2. The number of people they’ve slept with.

Oh Jesus, get over it already. Seriously. Especially once you’ve left high school, opened your mind, opened your legs, and begun your mandatory life-long course in sexual politics. Accepting that “your number” doesn’t define you – and other people’s numbers don’t define them – means that you have control of your sexuality. You don’t need to be that insecure bitch calling every girl without a serious commitment a slut. Let’s talk about Sluts here.

3. Whether or not they’re a “hipster.”

Some people just need glasses. As a girl who needs glasses, STOP ASKING US IF THEY’RE REAL. And stop wearing glasses if they’re not real. Hipster or not, it’s unnecessary. Some of us have very little vision left, If you’re blessed with perfect vision, enjoy it, and don’t cloud it with fingerprinted lenses you don’t need. Granted, some of us just like bargain hunting. Some of us just have different taste in music. Some people just like Pinterest. Some people just like PBR are still too closed-minded or cheap to expand their taste. Some people work the androgynous boho look, and some people just really like spending 40$ on a tank top from American Apparel. Whatever. Stop hating on every person who enjoys thrift shops and indie music. It’s cheap, alright?

Ultimate hipster timeline here.

4. The alcohol they drink.

Unless you’re in the cheap first-year-of-college drinking mode (which you should not be, unless you are actually IN your first year of college), stop it. You can do better than PBR and shitty bulk wine. Hell hath no fury like a cheap wine hangover, and you’ve outgrown that. But that doesn’t mean you have to roll your eyes at every drink you’re not a fan of.


5. Whether or not they read the Twilight books (in the past).

Seriously. If you went to high school when the first movie came out, you probably read the damn book. Just live with it and move on – might I recommend Silver Linings Playbook? The book is an easy read, but a substantial one. Don’t like reading? Learn to. You can judge people that keep reading them though, just a bit.

Watch more Bad Lip Reading videos here.

“My best friend is the man who’ll bring me a book I ain’t read.”
-Abraham Lincoln


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