My 7 Favourite Bad Lip Reading Videos

1. NFL. So THATS what they’re saying…

2. Inauguration 2013. It’s weirdly comforting to hear a Barack-like voice talk absolute nonesense. But I lost it at the shots of the crowd. But “La Fway” takes it to a different place.

3. The Hunger Games. This one actually sucks. Cause it’s gross, and ridiculously stupid, and The Hunger Games is awesome. But its absofuckinglutely hilarious. Good luck with the end.

5. Gotye. “Somebody I Used To Know” becomes “Kicked Your Goat” in this unfairly catchy dub-over of the overplayed-but-somehow-still-enjoyable Gotye hit.

6. Bieber and Rascal Flatts. Nothing is okay about this except everything.

7. One Direction. Do me a favour, and only watch 1:00-1:08.

8. Pop mashup. Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, and Jay Z come together for a synthesize-y, strangely cohesive mix. I’ve listened to too many of these, they’re starting to sound normal.

9. Mitt Romney. Just… lol.

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