9 Little Things To Do Every Day To Be Happier

1. Listen to good music while you update your iTunes. That stupid little notification will go away, and life can go on.

2. Instead of laying down for a whole movie, stretch during the first half, or even just the credits. A little stretching every day benefits you in a million different ways.

3. Smile and nod to people you pass by. The ones that reciprocate are worth the few that won’t.

4. READ. Whether you can spend all your free time in Chapters, or can’t remember the last book you read without being told to (school, etc), starting reading more. If books aren’t your thing, find a good, quality magazine that you like, or subscribe to some blogs and news sites, like buzzfeed.com, thoughtcatalog.com, vanityfair.com.

5. When people go to hug you, actually hug them back. With like, two arms and everything. It’ll make you a better hugger, which is always a good quality. Boom, happy.

6. Start being the person that brings things places. Stop somewhere on the way, whenever you’re meeting people, and pick up a little something for the occasion, whatever it is. You and the people around you will appreciate it.

7. Sit up straight. You’ll feel more confident, and it’s something little that’s got long-term health benefits (core strength, baby!).

8. Consciously make another person’s day. Just grab two coffees instead of one! A simple gesture like that usually condones gratitude, another selfishly-unselfish way to make yourself and others happy.

9. Say what you think. More than you’d expect, people appreciate it. Honesty, brother.

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