Attention World: Another Gatsby Trailer Has Been Released

Watch it once for the music. Beyonce, Lana, Florence, it’s just a shitstorm of epic-lady-voice-power, and it’s awesome. Plus the Beyonce song is an Amy Winehouse cover and it’s featuring Andre 3000.

epiphany omg

Watch it once more for Leonardo DiCaprio.


Watch it once more for the cinematography. And the vibe. And the general epic 20s-ness.

dicaprio gatsby

Watch it again for the music. GAH, Florence.


Now go put on some headphones, lock your doors, turn off your lights, and fullscreen it.

Watch it once more for the green light. Go out and read Gatsby again if you seriously didn’t get that reference and you actually want to maximize your enjoyment of the movie.

The tracklisting for the soundtrack (produced by Jay-Z, who I’m seeing perform with JT this summer, just saaaaayin’) was released today as well:

  • 100$ Bill – JAY Z
  • Back To Black – Beyoncé x André 3000
  • Bang Bang –
  • A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (All We Got) – Fergie + Q Tip +GoonRock
  • Young And Beautiful – Lana Del Rey
  • Love Is The Drug – Bryan Ferry with The Bryan Ferry Orchestra
  • Over The Love – Florence + The Machine
  • Where The Wind Blows – Coco O. of Quadron
  • Crazy in Love – Emeli Sandé and The Bryan Ferry Orchestra
  • Together – The xx
  • Hearts A Mess – Gotye
  • Love Is Blindness – Jack White
  • Into the Past – Nero
  • Kill and Run – Sia

An orchestral version of Beyonce’s CIL and new Jay-Z? So. Down.


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