Shut Up and Listen: Music Monday

Eight songs hand-picked to enhance your life on this miserably March Monday. As I put this together, a relax-y, chill theme sort of came into play. Maybe it’s the endless paper-writing and study-zone I’ve been in lately, or the dreary season-change outside my door… but either way, it makes for a great soundtrack. Put on some headphones and block out the rainy pre-spring weather with some great tunes. The full playlist is available here, each song’s video posted below (for the picky folk).

1. The Lumineers – Dead Sea

Jesus, if you haven’t heard this whole album, you’re missing out. It’s perfect quality study music, it’s soothing and relaxing and easy to listen to, and if you actually listen, the lyrics tell incredible stories. It’s just so easy to enjoy. There’s a reason their Toronto shows sold out in 15 minutes, and here’s one of them:

2. Tupac ft Elton John – Ghetto Gospel

Mmmmmmmmm so good. An all-time favourite.

3. Stormy Monday – Bobby Bland

A little blues for this rainy Monday afternoon. Give 1962 a chance, people. Musical education!

4. Everywhere You Look – Jesse Frederick

Take a deep breath and listen:

5. She & Him – Never Wanted Your Love

Zooey Deschanel somehow found time between being loved by the entire world and starring in her quirky little hit comedy New Girl to record new music. General consensus: yay! The song’s pretty good, deserves a listen. Very She-&-Him-y, with maybe even a little more of a seventies feel than usual. I like.

6. Ed Sheeran & Passenger – No Diggity / Thrift Shop

Oh god, I just love Fifi and Jules. If you haven’t heard of them, they’re an Australian radio show, they post all their cool, awesome performances online (Of Monsters and Men and Jessie J have both appeared, and T-Swift did a full acoustic set on the show, check them out!). They’re always different and entertaining, and this combination of soft-voiced men crooning two pretty solid songs acoustically WORKS, and deserves some attention.

More Fifi and Jules performances, cause I had to:

(Holy shit I had no idea that’s what Of Monsters and Men looked like)

(^why I like Jessie J)

7. Pick Me Up – Hollerado

And a last little pick me up to wake you from your study trance! The weather’s changing, summer’s coming. We’re almost there!

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And here’s the full YouTube playlist:


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