8 Girly Guilty Pleasure Videos

As a girl, I can freely watch sappy shit as often as I’d like, and remain socially accepted by using my gender as an excuse. However, I absolutely abuse that power when it comes to watching musical proposal videos. Whether it’s a flash mob or a lip dub, creative proposals get me every time. YouTube has hundreds of different proposal videos, and having all those videos makes it difficult to stand out. Especially when most of them are mediocre, or only really special for the suckers involved. The videos that do stand out, though, seem to have a few things in common.

Here are the 8 characteristics of a quality flashmob/musical proposal, and some videos that display them best.

1. If it’s shot well, I’ll probably keep watching.

This guy is kind of a tool, and as you watch, it kind of turns into a self-indulgent music video so he can show off, but it keeps moving. The dancing is well-choreographed, not badly presented, and keeps you entertained! Half the time I forgot I was watching a proposal, especially because whoever shot it decided to practically forget about the girl, but when you hear the song change and she realizes it’s his song… awwww. (Plus, he raps: “They could call us Outkast – Andre!” That’s fucking cute.) Props to the girl for not breaking down with anxiety when the circle of dancers closes in, I feel like that would have been really stressful.

2. If it’s well-choreographed, I’ll probably keep watching.

This one kind of feels like you’re just watching the dance, but it turns itself around.

3. If the music’s good, I’ll probably keep watching.

“We Found Love” and “Marry You” seem to be pretty consistent choices, soundtracking 90% of the flashmob/musical proposals. This proposal is a bit different, using a montage of music, and a different style. The audio is totally shit, but you know the songs, you get the idea. Plus, the shitty audio lets you hear the people, and catching bits of the girl’s “What the hell are you doing?!” and the guy’s “Please, don’t say no… seriously.” And she calls him an idiot. Hilarious.

4. The guy joins in unexpectedly.

The reaction of the girl’s realization that a) this is really happening, b) this is her boyfriend doing this and c) this is really fucking happening, is absolutely the highlight for me. Seeing the absolute shock on their face is one thing, but getting to enjoy part of the show, then jump in and blow her mind all over again because it’s YOU that put this whole awesome shitstorm of love together? Awwwwwwwwwwesome. Especially if his dancing is funny. Cause it ususally is. AND THIS SONG IS PERFECT.

^Out of all of these, this is absolutely my favourite flash mob.

5. If it’s easy to follow, I’ll probably keep watching.

If you can tell me your whole story in a short amount of time, I can follow it, and actually care, rather than hating you, you’re on my good list. This absolutely one of my favourites, it’s just perfectly laid out. It’s not even musical. I just love it.

6. It has a segue. 

THE SUNFLOWERS! So clever. So good. (The rest of the video is pretty hard to follow and poorly shot, I just really like the sunflower bit).

7. If I believe it, I’ll keep watching.

This one isn’t incredible choreography, it’s awkwardly shot at times, but it’s still so fucking cute. Watch who the guy proposing is (the Indian guy, white shirt brown pants), he’s adorable. The roses at the end. The random infusion of Bollywood. The first shot of the girl. The fact that he crip-walks down the aisle. Just so great.

8. This one isn’t a flash mob, it’s just the greatest thing ever. Enjoy.

She is just so precious. Now watch this one:


9. A Les Mis Flashmob Proposal. Okay, this one is a flash mob at a wedding, not a proposal, but it’s a Les Miserables flash mob. And they’re all talented, somehow. So ignore the little fuck-ups and enjoy, because it’s a great little medley.

10. A Montage of Entertaining Proposals. Serious props to the plane-voiceover-guy. SO awesome. You can’t even hate on the cheerleader, it’s all just too cute. #15 earns a little internal vomit, but the chills I get from #12 make up for it. Number ten is a drive-thru proposal, I think…which is weird…. but NUMBER SEVEN. The face on #5 – hilarious. And number one just makes me want to cry all over the place and I’m writing this on a Greyhound bus so I should probably stop before I scare off the girl next to me.

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