Livetweeting The 2013 Oscars: Recapped

Sunday, February 24th 2013.
6:45 pm, EST.
It begins.

And the #Oscar livetweets begin. #redcarpet

I just love Jennifer Lawrence. #dior #flawless

“Why can’t Tina and Amy host everything?” #questionoftheyear #oscars2013

The #Oscars have a theme. And it’s Music in Film. I think I just came. #oscars2013

I love seeing how short Daniel Radcliffe is. And I love seeing him dance. And I love JGL. And I love everything ever.

Paul Rudd improves everything.

I wonder how dramatically the viewer percentage is going to drop because of #thewalkingdead.

Life of Pi was absolutely incredible. Best use of 3D ever.

@IAMQUVENZHANE is the most precious thing ever. #welcometothegunshow

Using the Jaws music to get you off stage… A little funny, a little disrespectful… yeah, sounds like Seth Macfarlane’s show.

I’ve actually gotten all my #Oscar predictions right so far!

This Bond montage could go on forever I would not be mad about it #50YearsofBond

Kerry Washington’s cheekbones are inspiring. #oscars

If anyone deserves to win something from Zero Dark Thirty, it’s Jessica Chastain, not Kathryn Bigelow. #opinion #isaidit

Fun fact: Sugar Man was partly shot on an iPhone. Director ran out of money for Super8 film and used a vintage cam app. #oscars #random

SING TO ME TRAVOLTA. No, wait, don’t. #takemeback


Cahterine Zeta-Jones is what everyone ever should aspire to be.

SHOW ME MORE BEHIND THE SCENES #controlroom #please

This is the #Oscars, Ted needs to leave. It’s not working, and it’s making me not like Marky Mark. #opinion #sadtweet

That Sound of Music joke just made up for Ted’s appearance, well done. #catchup #oscars

Unsurprising but totally satisfying. #OscarForAnne #LesMiserables

Am I the only person not excited for Adele? #bestwritingalready #leggo

I love looking forward to the GIFs of tomorrow. #modernhappiness #oscars

Jennifer Lawrence needs to win so we can watch her try and form an acceptance speech in front of this crowd. #loveher #bestactress

For every teenager wondering why they recognize the name Marvin Hamlisch.. Superbad. #lol #justsoyouknow #youlooklikeayoungmarvinhamlisch*

*Yeah, this isn’t right. That quote is from Role Models, I just got too excited and mixed it up. Whoops!

My undying hatred for Renee Zellwegger cannot stop my burning love of Chicago. #contradiction #oscars

Tarantino may have basically just thanked himself, but I’m totally cool with it. #DjangoUnchained #oscars2013 #thewritersyear

Guys, Jane Fonda is 75.

Ang Lee wins Best Director, and I get to chalk up another victory on my #Oscar poll! #LifeOfPi


*When Jennifer Lawrence won Best Actress.

NOTHING WILL EVER TOP THIS man i love Jennifer Lawrence way too much*

*When Jennifer Lawrence fell on the way to accept Best Actress.

Jennifer Lawrence is awk in a way that makes you want to be her best friend. K Stew is awk in a way that makes you want to murder-suicide.

The only thing better than winning an Oscar is winning an Oscar from Meryl Streep. #bestactor #oscars2013

When the Obamas are done with politics, can they have their own TV show? I just love their family. #idwatchthat #keepingupwiththeobamas

Argo fuck yourself ❤ #bestpicture #OSCARS

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