10 Things That Need to End

1. Die Hard. Die Hard is awesome. That’s why it’s a classic. You can watch it over and over again, and it’s still awesome. So I just feel like everyone should stop trying to fix what isn’t broken, and just keep watching the first one. DIE HARD!

2. Chris Brown and Rihanna’s relationship. Just like, how is this still happening? Seriously.

3. Anything to do with Joaquin Phoenix.

4. Everything to do with making a movie franchise “The Next Twilight.” We just finished five years of the last one, do we really need another?

5. The “Harlem Shake” craze. Alright, some of them are funny. Some of them are hilarious. But, it’s over. You killed it, and it’s over now. OVER.

6. Glee. Season One: fun, new, entertaining. Season Two: not bad, entertaining, losing a little verve. Season Three: eh. Season Four: overkill, throwaway story lines that don’t matter, and a mediocre next-generation of characters that aren’t as interesting as the first round. Degrassi flashbacks, anyone? Ryan Murphy, move on.

7. Winter. I just feel like everyone’s over it. Summer lovin’, leggo!

8. Final Destination. Okay, so this one might have ended. But in hopes that it really is over, I plan on acknowledging the existence of a sixth film. Maybe it’ll jinx it. The film’s people said they’d do a sixth and seventh film if the fifth one was a success. They made the fifth one 3D, so the sky-high prices paired with the tiny attention spans of our world’s youth made the film a “success.” Fingers NOT crossed.

9. Grey’s Anatomy. I’m a die hard Grey’s fan, and it hurts me to see the show descend into mediocrity. The great parts are gone, the characters have run their course, and it needs to be over. Shonda Rimes, move on.

10. American Idol. I stopped caring the second Simon left, and reeeeeeeally stopped caring when they turned the judges into the hot mess they are now. The Voice and The X Factor have filled whatever needs AI used to fill. #SimonSays


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