A Letter To The Guy Screaming In The Coat Check Line

Dear guy/girl screaming “LETS GO!” in the coat check line,

Shut up.
Stop it.
I am not a violent person but so help me god I will tear shit up.
Literally nothing positive is accomplished by shouting negative encouragement (somehow, that’s a thing) at a crowd full of sweaty, impatient youth who are pumped chock-full of alcohol, drugs of their choosing, and adrenaline.
Shut up.
Do you really want to be that guy? Think about the last guy that pissed you off at a show. Think about how wasted they were, how stupidly belligerent, and take a second thought. You didn’t enjoy being party to her random hookup because her flailing drunken hands didn’t realize they were groping you instead of that guy she just met. You didn’t need beer all over your chest, and you didn’t need to know how high the female voice can actually screech, but it happened.
What doesn’t have to happen, is screaming bloody murder at nothing. The entire crowd around you is waiting for the same thing, so stop yelling at strangers and go through the pictures you took on your phone. Half of them are blurry and unrecognizable anyway.
But whatever, bad photos usually mean a damn good show you couldn’t stay still for. Well done. Now, patience.

-Every concertgoer ever.


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