8 Things I Could Go The Rest Of My Life Not Doing

1. Cleaning up shit. Dogs, babies, I’ve avoided it all thus far, lets go for nineteen more years!

2. Paying fees that I don’t have to pay because I’m a student. Man, my last year of school is just going to be a money drain of last-ditch-student-discount-advantage-taking.

3. Watching celebrities age badly. I don’t like seeing Matt Leblanc descend into senior status any more than the next Friend, but I’ve already had to watch the advanced aging of Lindsay Lohan, the bloating of Vince Vaughn, and the microwaving of Keith Richards. There’s only so much a girl can take.

4. Taxes. I was blessed with having one of the top five financial advisors in the country (woop woop!) as my mother, and she has done my taxes, her parents’ taxes, and the taxes of every person in our family, as far as I’m aware. Frankly, I could go my whole life not dealing with banking at all, but I feel like I should figure out at least the basics.

5. Dealing with curly hair. Honestly, everyone battles back and forth with wanting whichever hair genre they weren’t blessed with. I’ve had pin straight hair all my life, and I will enjoy it until the moment my hair changes its mind and finds its way back into my mother’s genes.

6. Understanding pensions.

7. Remembering what day of the week recycling/garbage is. Seriously, no idea. Does it change between cities? My neighbors do it.

8. Dealing with the financial consequences of my friends and family growing up and getting married/ having kids/ being classy people who bring wine and things that cost money places. I’m gonna enjoy it, but financially, I will acknowledge nothing. #ignoranceisbliss


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