7 Reasons I’m In a Love-Hate Relationship With Cosmo

1. It’s so damn expensive. And I know expensive. I’m cheap.

2. Once I buy it, I only spend more money. From the cool website suggestions to the outfit inspirations, it’s just one big money grab. And I love it.

3. Everyone knows the sex section is the biggest attraction – but some of the sex tips are just so ridiculous or specific that you can’t take them seriously.


4. Or – the sex tips are so inventive that it’s more for couples-looking-to-try-something-new, rather than normal single people looking not to scare off the opposite sex.

5. If I leave another little Cosmo subscription postcard lying around the house, I think my roommates are going to murder me.

6. That big block of weird ads and classifieds at the back, next to the excerpt of a romance novel.

7. I can’t help myself from being one of those girls that would totally kill to work at Cosmo in any capacity. #WriterProblems


In all seriousness though, I love Cosmopolitan. It answers questions I didn’t know I had, and mmmmm, that Bachelor By State special they do each year? Awesome. Cosmo covers a lot, from money to fashion to career advice, and it’s definitely something I draw inspiration from.

Here’s a little clip from a recent campaign ran by the magazine, this clip featuring tv personality Maria Menounous.

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