6 Reasons Silver Linings Playbook Deserves Your Money


1. Jennifer Lawrence. Since her 2011 Oscar nom for the indie hit Winter’s Bone (readily available on Netflix, just saying), it’s only been a matter of time til every person on the planet loves J.Law as much as I do. Not only did she take to The Hunger Games perfectly, but her solid roles in the X-Men franchise, romantic chops demonstrated in Like Crazy (also on Netflix, a beautiful, relatable, engrossing mush-fest of a love story with Anton Yelchin and Felicity Jones), and general approachable girl-next-door image have propelled her to the forefront of magazines all over the world.


2. Bradley Cooper. The Hangover, Limitless, Wedding Crashers, a dozen other awesome roles, and he’s People’s Sexiest Man Alive. Seriously. ‘Nuff said.


Also, his character is really into working out. Which, you know, bodes well for people who like watching Bradley Cooper get all sweaty, and, yeah.

3. The book is different, and just as awesome. The changes in the film are totally valid, and – as someone who watched the movie, then read the book – reading the book doesn’t ruin the movie, and seeing the movie doesn’t ruin the book. Matthew Quick has a fresh, interesting, perspective form of writing that is easy to follow, but a great piece of literature.


4. It’s one of those movies nominated for a million awards that you won’t have to sedate yourself to sit through. This movie is all about the human experience, perspective, and people. It’s hard not to find someone to relate to, and its incredible cast is honestly just a bonus. I loved The Kings Speech, but it’s not usually something I’ll pull out on movie night. It’s funny enough that guys can sit through the romance, it’s serious enough to hold your attention, and mmmmmmmmmmm Bradley Cooper.

5. David O. Russell. Awesome thing about David O. Russell #1: He was an executive producer on Anchorman. Awesome thing about David O. Russell #2: He directed 2010’s The Fighter,  and 2004’s existential comedy I Heart Huckabees. With a track record like that, Silver Linings is another gold star on his portfolio.

6.  Seriously though, Jennifer Lawrence. Vanity Fair called her “uncensored,” “unguarded,” and “a human being, [rather] than a well-coached witness.” It’s her uncensored-ness, her imperfections, and her general quirkiness that sets her apart. She’s quirky in a way that people appreciate – candid and honest, approachably beautiful, and adorably imperfect. It’s her endearing imperfections and lack of polish (seriously, these are all meant in the BEST way possible) that made VF title her the world’s “Most Desirable Woman” on the February 2013 cover.

One more reason to love J.Law:

“My nickname literally is Jeff Bridges.”

Watch the Silver Linings trailer:

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