5 Things to Remove from Your Life To Make Yourself Happier

1. Video game sounds. A never-ending background soundtrack of guns shooting, shit exploding, and general anarchy is not a positive environment. I’m not ripping on video games, but if you’re not the one playing, having the general background noise of a high-tech war zone is stressful. Turn down the volume, turn up some music, or put on headphones, and your brain will thank you for eliminating the white noise.

2. Junk email and Adblock. When you’re already having a bad day, checking your email and having 35 unread emails – 33 of which are junk, and one of which is a a chain letter fwd from your mother – doesn’t make it any better. Taking ten minutes to actually scroll through and click “unsubscribe” will give you one of the greatest simple pleasures online. Not to mention how much better life is without ads – Adblock even does adorable things like replacing ads with cats on April Fools Day. Seriously. Google it, it’s easy!

3. The music you’re done with on your phone. Nothing is more irritating than “hating” every song on a playlist you used to love. Clear it off, and give yourself some time to forget why you loved the song in the first place. It’ll be way more exciting when it comes on shuffle next time.

4. The Broken Shit. Anything that you’ve been “meaning to fix/alter/adjust/make/do” for the past two years: do it now, or throw it out. Set aside a day to go through EVERYTHING: clothes, school things, kitchen and housewares, movies, boxes, everything you’ve got. If the clothes don’t fit, if the disc is scratched, if the buttons are missing: FIX IT. Sort through your half-life and form it fully. You’ll be surprised what you can afford to get rid of, and how much cleaner you’ll feel when you’re done.

5. That thing that’s been making you miserable. Whatever it is, get it out of your life. A habit you’ve started, a frenemie you’ve been loathing, or just a feeling, figure out what caused it, and get rid of it. Whether you’ve noticed you’re in the wrong program, or you’re trapped in a job you hate, figure out the best way to get out of it, and do it! Figure out what you want.


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