4 Reasons I Don’t Wear Gloves

1. Scratching. Scratching an itch through gloves is like trying to scratch an itch through your jeans, which is like trying to exfoliate a brick wall. No, thanks.
2. Texting and general device-using. Unless you got lucky and found a good, affordable pair of iPhone-accessible gloves (with the little patches on the thumb and pointer finger), you know that all the good pairs of those gloves are expensive, and all the cheap pairs are ill-fitting and basiclally sucky. Sure, I’m being a little picky, but I can deal with a little cold if it means changing a song takes 3 seconds instead of minutes.
3. The amount of effort required to tuck that shit in. By the time I actually remember to look for my gloves, I’ve probably got my coat on. If I’m lucky, I can wrangle a roommate into tucking in my sleeves just like mama used to. If I’m heading out alone, I end up in a five-minute wrestling match between the limited mobility of my wrists and the fabrics of my gloves, jacket, and whatever dozen layers I’m wearing to try and survive the not-that-cold winter awaiting me outside.
4. Dropping stuff. I see it every SINGLE day. A thousand forgotten lighters  pave my walk to work, neglected packs of matches and sometimes even dolla-dolla-bills-y’all line the sidewalks in the slush, slipping through the gloved fingers of Torontonians and others all over the world.


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