People You Should Listen to More of: Childish Gambino

Childish Gambino
AKA: Donald Glover
You’ll love him if you like: LYRICS.
Album to listen to: Camp
You’ll know him from: NBC’s Community

“Heartbeat.” The most popular hit so far off his first studio album has an infectious beat and a smooth chorus. The delivery isn’t hardcore, so if you’re not usually big on rap, Gambino is one of the best examples of rap really being rhythm and poetry.

There are two sides to Donald Glover: Donald, the actor-comedian-star-of-my-daydreams, and Childish Gambino, his raw, sexy, tell-it-like-it-is emcee alter ego. To add another dimension to his already amazing repertoire, there are two sides to Childish Gambino, as well.

SIDE A: The Psyche-Up, Ballin’, Throw-Down Gambino:
“You See Me*”
“Freaks and Geeks*”

SIDE B: The Smooth, Lyrical, Emotional, Powerful Gambino
“Hold You Down”
“All the Shine”
“That Power*”
“Kids (Keep Up)”

*- my favourites

If there’s one thing I pride myself in, it’s my taste in music. That’s all the credibility I have to tell you what to listen to, but I haven’t gotten many complaints, so hear me out! 🙂


Two sides: CG & DG


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